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kepClean Cloud

The kepClean system includes a cloud based user interface to monitor your entire system and individual sensors and components.  At a glance you can make sure everything is up and running smoothly.  The software also allows you to set weekly schedules to turn the system ON and OFF at selected times of the day.  The REFILL tab is used to enter critical information about the Grignard Pure disinfectant.


The DASHBOARD is the home page for your system and serves to monitor each active system you have online.  The dashboard shows the status of your system(s) and if there is a connection issue with one of the sensors, you can view the cause on the fault report tab.  If you have active systems in multiple locations you can view each building to monitor each kepClean system.


The SCHEDULER tab allows you to set a weekly schedule to turn the system ON or OFF at selected times of day.  This is very useful if your building is not occupied on weekends or if the system  needs to be ON or OFF  at different times on different days.


The REFILL tab is used to enter critical information about the Grignard Pure disinfectant including Lot Number, Batch Number and expiration date.  The REFILL tab can also be used to set reminders for when it’s time to order more product.


All settings for the kepClean system are set at the factory before shipment.  This includes all settings and pairing of sensors and other components.  The SETTINGS tab is used to reset your password.


The HELP tab will provide a list of frequently asked questions.  There will also be live chat service available.  While this HELP system is being developed we are offering 24 hour phone support.