HMI Touchscreens (

HMI Touchscreen Operator Interfaces, LCD Monitors,  Message Center, Trackball and Keyboards.

Infilink-HMI Software (

HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software & OPC Servers
Infilink is a “Hard Working”, “No Nonsense”, feature rich, Industrial Automation – HMI/SCADA software for today’s “Open”, IIoT connected world.

KEP Counters

Counters, Totalizers, Gaming/Vending Meters
KEP counters are used to count objects or events. They can be simple counters which count each time a voltage pulse is applied to the input or they can incorporate a scale factor which will allow the display to be in engineering units. Applications include: Vending/Gaming Machines, Parts Counting, Flow Totalizing, OEM Machinery.

KEP Timers

Elapsed Time Meters and Timers
KEP Timers are used to measure the amount of time that an event took place. Electromechanical timers derive the time from the AC line frequency for AC inputs and use an asynchronous motor for DC inputs. Most Electronic timers use a crystal oscillator to derive the time. Applications include recording the operating time of machinery for maintenance, testing, leasing and warranty programs.

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