130k – 133k Counters

Battery Powered Counters with LCD Display

The 130k series display counters are battery-powered. They are controlled by contact or voltage pulses. They may be used in various applications, e. g. totalizing, parts counting, position acquisition, differential counting, etc. In addition, the various models with specific input types may be extended using control inputs to select operating modes and set for almost any application thanks to adjustable operating modes.


  • Low price and high efficiency
  • Large (8 mm) 8-digit LCD display, Optional backlighting
  • Various counting modes:up /down, differential, quadrature and pulse doubling
  • High voltage input for 10 to 260 V AC/DC voltage pulses
  • NEMA4/IP65 Front Panel
  • Screw terminals, RM 5 mm
  • Lifetime of the battery approximately 8 years
  • Locking of the reset key
  • Operating temperature –10 to +60 °C


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