Hardware Engineering

A proven engineering services partner with right experience and the expertise to deliver end-to-end product development solutions.
From the initial architecture stage all the way to manufacturing support, KEPengineering’s comprehensive hardware engineering services can help build products from the concept to the production. KEPengineering is well versed in designing hardware platforms for different requirements from small factor designs to complex PCB designs, from power optimized designs to ruggedized designs for IoT, Networking, Industrial and Automotive sector. Our very well defined and practiced design methodology helps in reducing time to market without compromising the performance.

Key Capabilities

PCB Design and Layout

Team has PCB Layout and board analysis skill in RF, HDI & mixed signal board designing of multi-layer PCBs for complex multi-processor and multi-layer boards with proven design methodologies, process and quality checks.


Our engineers perform Schematic design and ensure that the customer gets a high degree of interoperability, design data integrity with the help of tools like Allegro, OrCAD, Altium etc.

Complex PCB Design

Our experienced engineers can do complex designs with multiple layers, PCBs, tracks, and route them through layers and come up with a good PCB Design.

Low Power Design

Team comes with extensive experience in building low power designs that ensure lower power consumption and efficient battery management for IoT devices by implementing power management at silicon as well as system engineering level.

RF, Wireless Engineering

We have specialists who do the RF and Wireless designs solutions using and helps customers build RF and wireless applications, assist in RF analysis and testing for a wide range of applications

Pre Compliance Testing And Certification

We offer pre compliance tests for various tests and certification requirements of products such as environmental tests, rain chamber, dust chamber etc. We help customers get certifications such as FCC, CE, UL, RoHS etc.


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