Miniature Time Meter


Small in size and price, but rugged and durable, this AC or DC powered hour timer is driven by a synchronous motor. Many voltages are available. Four industry standard mount-ing styles are available. The unit is provided with easy connect, screw terminal connectors on .031″ x .250″ flat pins. This mini-meter is especially designed for use on lighting systems, computers, business machines, control panels, generators, compressors and pumps. Useful also for service records on machinery such as industrial refrigerators, oxygen purifiers, printers or off-road vehicles


• Interchangeable with “Hobbs Minimeter”
• Low Cost
• 5 Hour Digits, .150″ High, White on Black and Two Decimal Digits Red on Black
• Operation Indicator Wheel
• DC Accuracy = .05%
• Power Required = .2 Watt (DC), 2VA (AC)
• Temperature: -15°C to 50° C (5° F to 122° F)
• NEMA 4X/IP65 Sealed Front


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