Sound, Light & Video Editing

Cursor Controls have a broad range of devices designed for use in SLV applications.

Sound, Light & Video Editing​ Product Ranges

Despite differing end uses and control elements, the Sound, Lighting and Video Editing Markets share a key common requirement from their trackballs – that of needing enhanced functionality and an increased number of unit outputs from a compact footprint solution.

Cursor Controls range of Z-Axis trackballs were designed specifically to address the requirement of increased functionality, offering an extra axis of control in the form of an integrated ring which sits around the ball. With traditional X-Y output generated by the ball and an extra Z channel output generated by the integrated control ring, the Z-Axis range of units allow users to efficiently and easily control an enhanced number of features (whether this is lighting fixtures and hardware or digital video editing parameters) without the need for costly additional input solutions.

As is standard across the complete Cursor Controls Range, the units designed for Sound & Lighting/Video Editing applications are available with a variety of customization options including: single color or RGB backlighting, custom ring profiles, user changeable rings (to allow for infield adaption based on user preference), custom ring torque and a number of sealing arrangements – with ball diameters ranging from 25mm up to 60mm, Cursor Controls are able to offer a flexible solution with the enhanced functionality commonly required for these fast paced, hands-on applications.

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