Defense & Aerospace

Built to withstand some of the World’s harshest environments, our precise, ultra-reliable pointing devices are ideal for Defense & Aerospace applications.

Defense & Aerospace Product Ranges

United by their requirements for high precision, high quality, ultra reliable pointing devices, the Defense and Aerospace markets present some of the most extreme applications for the Cursor Controls trackball range. With decades of experience in supporting these demanding applications, Cursor Controls have expanded their product offerings, capabilities and features and now include a wide range of units designed specifically for these kinds of harsh environments.

With a number of products certified to MIL-STD-810, IEC 60945 or DO-160 standards, including the F-Range of Ruggedized devices and E-Range Marine modules and with intuitive features such as the patented Cursor Controls Anti-Vibration technology (outputting only intended movement) and full IP68 waterproof sealing, Cursor Controls have a solution for almost any Defense & Aerospace requirement.

F38 Series 

The F38 Series mechanical trackball modules are high specification human interface devices designed to operate in extremely demanding environment…

F50 Series

The F50 Series trackball modules offer high specification solutions for extreme applications where reliability and robustness are essential. Mos…

M60 Series

The F60 Series Module combines a 60mm rugged trackball with three military grade configurable micro switches which provide excellent tactile feed…

F75 Series

The F75 Series trackball, part of our ruggedized range, is a high-mass ball solution which is ideal for precise cursor control. It has been desig…


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