134k – 135k Timers

Battery Powered Time Meters

The 134k and 135k display timers are battery-powered. They are controlled by contact or voltage levels.


  • Low-price time meter with high efficiency
  • Large 8-digit LCD display, character height is 8 mm
  • Optional backlighting
  • Different time ranges from 0.1 second to 100,000 hours
  • 0.1 second synchronization makes it suitable for very short activation times
  • High voltage versions for 10 … 260 V AC/DC voltage pulses, can be connected directly via contactors, relays and motors
  • Very high accuracy: 100 ppm
  • NEMA4/IP65 Front Panel
  • Screw terminals, RM 5 mm
  • Lifetime of the battery approximately 8 years
  • Operating temperature –10 … +60 °C
  • Locking of the reset key
  • Accumulated time always readable thanks to battery powered LCD display


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