Food keyboard with trackball

General Keyboard Specifications
Sealing : IP65 sealed
Keys : 105 short travel keys
Pointing Device : 38 mm waterproof laser trackball
Operating temperature : 0°C to +60°C
Output : detachable 2m. shielded USB cable, IP68, ended by a type A connector
Housing : stainless steel
Front layer : polyester, chemical resistant
Supply voltage : +5V +/- 5% (via keyboard port)
Supply current : 200mA max.


  • IP65 sealed keyboard
  • 105 short travel switches with low pressure, positive tactile feedback
  • Integrated 38 mm laser waterproof trackball
  • Removable trackball for easy maintenance
  • All stainless steel enclosure, sealed to IP65
  • Integration of a waterproof breathable membrane on the backside, creating a dry environment inside the enclosure
  • Design optimized to reduce contamination


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